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02 March 2015 ~ 0 Comments

Competition from Feb 28th 2015

After a long afternoon I am very proud of my 3 students who took part in the comp today. Two are my own and one I’ve known since the day she was born and all have done TKD since 4 years old; so it was wonderful to see such determined performances and good courteous behaviour from each of them.

Ethan, in his first competition was amazing. He won silver in tots sparring and bronze in jumping kicks. I’m a very proud Dad.
Edie at green belt performed the best patterns and sparring she’s ever done. A bronze in patterns only being defeated by the winner (IMO she actually won this contest with much better technique but was judged otherwise). She won 3 bouts of sparring to come 4th and sparred the best she ever has done.
I’m a very proud Dad.
Georgia, in the taller division and against older children, performed excellent patterns with great technique and ace kicks to win Gold! In sparring against much heavier people she won several bouts only to be defeated by the silver medallist in a very large division.
I’m very proud of Georgia’s performances.
It’s really great to see how well people can do and how great that can feel in themselves for taking part in something they’d thought was a real challenge.
Well done.


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Here’s Aaron – Flying Side Kick

Aaron Duvigneau with Twimyo Yop Chagi back in July 2014

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Competition from October 2014

A late post I know, and I will endeavor to keep the site more up to date, however, twitter and the FB page are usually the places to go to find the most current info.

Anyway here is Jack winning some 1st places from October:


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Grading Results October 2014

Grading Results October 2014

Having been given plenty of warning some students were ready to sit a TaeKwon-Do grading exam on Sunday October 12th.

We held the grading in the Priory School Sports Hall again and went for an afternoon kick off with students ranging from 10th Kup white belts sitting their 1st grading (juniors and adults) up to 2rd Kup Red Belts hoping to get their first bit of black on their belts.

Banstead TaeKwon-Do always run official gradings and this time very happy to have Master R. Dennis VII along for the entire grading.

Each group of students were given a full, quick, warmup before the exam started to ensure their fires were fully stoked and ready to help their body and mind perform at it’s current best. I won’t mention each person and group here other than the results below but suffice to say that Master Dennis and I were certainly impressed with the technical standard throughout and the sparring enthusiasm from some students and the self defence from others.

3 notable mentions would be Josey, Lucy and Aaron, all grading for 2nd Kup Red Belt and all adults. Josey and Lucy have worked hard for 12 months since their last grading and certainly stepped up their training intensity over the last few months and gained confidence and self belief from their training. This was evident throughout their grading with noticeable improvements in all areas of TaeKwon-Do. Aaron, a fit, agile and physically strong TKD student when to university in Wales and made the long trip back from university just to sit his grading – he put in a excellent performance with improvements in all areas, especially patterns, sparring and power with 1st time breaks in all his required techniques. Well done guys.

All results have now been given out in class and I am proud to announce them here, all students have passed to their next level:

  • Paul, seniors, 9th Kup
  • Matt, seniors, 9th Kup
  • Eva, Greenacre, 8th Kup
  • Amber, Greenacre, 7th Kup
  • Niall, juniors, 7th Kup
  • Maisie, juniors, 7th Kup
  • Jack, juniors, 7th Kup Plus Pass
  • Will, seniors, 7th Kup Plus Pass
  • Izzy, juniors, 7th Kup
  • Emear, juniors, 7th Kup
  • Marcin, seniors, 7th Kup
  • Jenny, Greenacre, 7th Kup
  • Aidan, juniors, 6th Kup
  • Joshua, juniors, 5th Kup
  • Rod, seniors, 4th Kup
  • Kevin, seniors, 4th Kup
  • Josey, seniors, 2nd Kup
  • Lucy, seniors, 2nd Kup
  • Aaron, seniors, 2nd Kup
  • Conor, juniors, 1st Kup

Well done to everyone. Keep training hard and look forward to your next opportunity to test your TaeKwon-Do in competition or grading.

James Davis


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London to Brighton Bike Ride 2014

London to Brighton Bike Ride 2014

WOW! With a team of 10 riders, an increase of 7 from 2013, we smashed our fundraising goal of £500 by hundreds of %.

At the tail end of 2013 I put it to Banstead TaeKwon-Do students and parents that we should ride the British Heart Foundation London to Brighton Road Ride in 2014. I had a good response of 6 other interested people and 3 of my family members were interested in doing it. Without hesitation I used our priority registration advantage to make sure we had 10 slots reserved for the team of Banstead TKD for the Sunday 15th June 54 miles from Clapham in London to Brighton.

With the fitness and endurance goal set of either completing the ride, not getting lost, getting up Ditchling Beacon without stopping, the team started training through the cold winter months of January and February. A few of the team are regular cyclists but the majority hand’t ridden a bike in a long time, perhaps looking at 20 years and this lead to some interesting turns of event when looking in the garage for the bike. You know, that bike you had 20 years ago which worked brilliantly, the one without all the rust on the frame, the one whose tyres hand’t rotted away, the one whose gears hadn’t seized up beyond repair – yes, that one.

So anyway, several road bikes were bought (either new or second hand) by team members and people started cycling every weekend and perhaps even twice a week. We had several group training rides but the majority of the sessions were done in twos or threes at times that suited our busy lives.

Fast forward lots of pedalling and Saturday June 14th rolls around and we realise our time slot start of 6am causes some logistical issues meaning 3:30 or 4:30 am starts for some people. 4 of us left the Wallington area at about 5am to cycle to Clapham to meet the rest of the team there (this particular time in the morning meant we had several confused young people looking at us trying to work out what was going on).

After lots of greetings, hugs (handshaking & and slaps-on-back), we were all excited to get cracking albeit bleary eyed. We started of fairly quickly I suppose although we did pretty much stay together until Wallington, Carshalton, Woodmansterne, Chipstead area where things got a little hilly and we started to spread out a little. We gratefully received some local support at this point as several of our families live in these parts.

For the rest of the ride I was riding with Matt thinking that most people were ahead of us. We’d arranged to meet on top of The Beacon to enjoy the descent to Brighton as a team but we got to the top and couldn’t see any of our team – turns out people had stopped for some food etc and were just a minute or few behind. Some other logistical problems & confusion meant that we couldn’t all finish together but the finishing was excellent and great to see so many people with happy smiles. Certainly Banstead TKD members were pleased with the achievement of 54 miles riding and The Beacon beaten – then on to a celebratory drink or two.

Team Members


  • James Davis
  • Trevor Stuchbery
  • Clive Stuchbery
  • Charlotte Stuchbery
  • Matt Thomas
  • Ricardo Singh
  • Rod Slyfield
  • Kevin Webb
  • John Elwell
  • Derek Fontinelle (our coach, mentor, hero)

Money Raised for the British Heart Foundation

Target £500

Total £3,032.98 (although it is actually likely to be more because some money was donated directly to BHF and not through our page)

I would like to really thank all people that have donated their money to the British Heart Foundation and to all the members who took part in the raising of the money. On a more local note though I think the challenge has had healthy knock on effects for the riders friends and families as I know several members are still out riding their bikes and encouraging family members to take part too. All in all this challenge has helped the BHF but also the members of our friends and families and the people of the community to help increase and maintain health and fitness and reduce the burden of heart disease.

Video and Photos

Matt took a video of the whole day and you can view that here, well done Matt and thanks for taking the time to do this:


All photos taken by here are here on Google +


Finally, a huge thank you to the riders and families for putting up with the training and for driving us all back from Brighton. I am looking forward to the 2015 ride now…


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I hope you have had a good couple of weeks already and that you have either been to Master Dennis’ classes (more on that subject tonight), training on your own, had a good rest or just been really lazy ;)
Just to let you know that our TaeKwon-Do Classes start back tonight after our forced break due to the Priory School Hall refurbishment. I am interested to see what has been done.
Class Times as normal and continue now through the rest of the summer and onwards.
I hope to see many of you there tonight if possible.
Tiny TKD 6pm Priory School Banstead
Junior TKD 6:30pm
Senior TKD 7:30pm

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Banstead TKD’s First Home Grown Blackbelt

Banstead TKD’s First Home Grown Blackbelt

Congratulations to long term Banstead TaeKwon-Do student, Mr Matt Thomas, who has achieved his 1st Degree Blackbelt in ITF TaeKwon-Do.

An ITF TaeKwon-Do Blackbelt is not so easy to achieve, like anything that’s ‘worth it’, it’s ‘worth working for’.

I am sure that reaching 1st Degree, an internationally recognised standard of skills and knowledge, takes much more effort that at first people realise. It certainly did for me, and that’s the thing about Martial Arts training, it takes a lot of effort, time, perseverance, dedication and sacrifice. If students continue to work hard and overcome certain individual physical or mental hardships it is likely they will be offered the chance to grade for 1st Degree Blackbelt.

Martial Arts training is a lot like many other activities in that it is only with hard work and dedication that a high level of skill and expertise will be achieved and even with the most talented people there is always something that needs improving, and it’s that willingness to accept constructive criticism and resolve to improve things that sets apart the potential Blackbelt student from those that decide not to continue with training when they hit that big mountain they think they can not conquer.

I would say that most people start martial arts training with no previous knowledge of the subject, some students have some knowledge, few people have a lot and fewer still are Blackbelts in another Martial Art. However, our first home grown Blackbelt from Banstead TaeKwon-Do does in fact hold a Blackbelt from Karate – however, apart from being in good physical shape this did not give Matt any technical advantages when entering TaeKwon-Do, most likely quite the opposite.

The finishing positions of many TaeKwon-Do and Karate techniques might look similar but the method of getting to the finishing position is different and that difference is important to us in TaeKwon-Do. So, for Matt, the technical basics required a lot of work, time and dedication so that the movements started to look like TaeKwon-Do, whereas for a students new to martial arts they would not have the unlearning to do first.

Matt started attending Banstead TaeKwon-Do in October 2009, just about one month after the club started, so he really is one of the original members (only one other I think has been with us since the beginning) and in the ‘nearly 5 years’ until now he has hardly ever missed a class, helped with all demonstrations, taken part in competitions, won medals, helped with teaching and has become a very helpful assistant and an integral part of the club. The club has certainly benefited from his commitment.

Matt’s journey through to 1st Degree has not been easy, he has always trained hard putting in 100% effort (most of the time), being a good example for more junior students to follow, he has struggled with minor injuries (not sustained in TKD) but trained around them and worked through other physical difficulties to finally be given the opportunity to grade for 1st Degree.

Without going in to particular detail of his actual testing day, I am completely satisfied that he was exposed to a hard test of all the elements of TaeKwon-Do which showed off his skills and highlighted some areas for improvement for when he comes to sit his 2nd Degree grading. The grading ended with a very convincing example of the power of TaeKwon-Do techniques and a lot of theory from the panel of examiners who were Master Russell Dennis (7th Degree), Mr Steven Elliot (4th Degree) and myself Mr James Davis (4th Degree).

I am very happy to announce then that Mr Matt Thomas is now a 1st Degree Blackbelt in ITF TaeKwon-Do, is promoted to Assistant Instructor in Banstead TaeKwon-Do and should be respectfully addressed as Mr Thomas or Sir ;)

Please have a look at this selection of photos from the last 5 years, which serves another purpose: you see people in these photos who have decided they’d rather do something other than working hard for an internationally recongised Martial Arts award. Stick with the training and you will achieve your goals.

Congratulations to Matt and I hope that 2014 and 2015 will bring more Blackbelts from Banstead TaeKwon-Do

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TKD Impact League 2014

TKD Impact League 2014

Another awesome day had by Banstead TKD students.

The 2014 TKD Impact Competition League kicked off with the Under 13′s Yellows and Greens tournament held at the Impact Academy in Croydon on Saturday March 1st.

Out of all the possible Juniors who are members at Banstead TaeKwon-Do we had 8 brave competitors who decided it was a good idea to put their skills to the test against other TKD schools. And that is half the battle, just entering – well done to all of your for having the initial courage to enter the tournament.

Our 8 warriors on the day were:

  • Edie (yellow)
  • Georgia (Green)
  • James (Yellow)
  • Aidan (Yellow)
  • Darcey (Green)
  • Jono (Green)
  • Josh (Green)
  • Adam (Green)

… and each person has earned the club valuable points in the league standings just by entering, soooooo, the more we enter the more points we get. More on that in a bit.


Usually Banstead do extremely well in the patterns divisions but this time we did not achieve any 1st, 2nd, or 3rd placings. However, we did have a couple of round wins which was good to see and a positive start to the day. I video’d what I could, in between judging and being an official, and I could see that while our patterns had a lot of power and strong commitment there were some movement mistakes that stood out – iron those out and we’ll have winners across the board :)

Simply, from judging perspective if someone makes an actual mistake in a pattern then that gives your opponent more favour.

So, all in all, even though we didn’t get any placings I was very pleased to see the patterns being attacked with lots of good attitude and commitment. All the good things for developing decent power in your movements.


The sparring rounds were great, we had a lot of round wins all gaining more points for the club. It felt as though we were winning every round we went in to. We did lose some however but we came away with some good 1, 2′s and 3′s and lots of 4th placings too. I was especially pleased with peoples commitment to sparring, you all entered your bouts with courtesy and commitment. An excellent showing of the tenets of TKD from Banstead TKD students.

Sparring results:

Edie – 1st place Yellow Belts Tots
Adam – 1st place Green Belts Tall

Special Technique

I missed a lot of the special technique so I have no photos or video but we have some good results. It is not an activity that we practice a lot in class so I am very pleased with people’s performances.

  • Edie 2nd place yellow tots
  • Josh 1st place green medium
  • Darcey 2nd place green high
  • Adam 1st place green tall


The Impact League Points System

Master Nardizzi has worked out a points system that encourages participants on all levels and gives a benefit to the club as a whole enhancing the team feeling.

The club gets points for each of the following:

  • 1 point for entering
  • 1 point for ever round win
  • 1 point for a 3rd place
  • 2 points for a 2nd place
  • 3 points for a win

So, the more rounds you win in a division the more points you get.

After one tournament we are in 3rd place with 50 points, not bad at all from a relatively small club like Banstead.

The Banstead Competitor Table 2014

So, while the 2013 table is still being calculation I can say that the new table looks like this:
(1 for entering, 1 for bronze, 2 for silver, 3 for gold)

  • Adam = 7 points
  • Edie = 6 points
  • Josh = 4 points
  • Darcey = 3 points
  •  Georgia, James, Aidan, Jono all on 1 point

Well done guys.


I would like to say how proud I felt on that day, and after, for the way that all Banstead TKD students performed and behaved on the day. Well done to all competitors, way to REPRESENT!


James Davis
IV Degree

09 December 2013 ~ 0 Comments

TKD Impact Open Championships

TKD Impact Open Championships

5 Golds + 2 Silvers + 5 Bronze = awesomeness

What a fantastic weekend of competition ITF TaeKwon-Do for Banstead TKD students!

Saturday December 7th 2013 was the TaeKwon-Do Impact (www.tkdimpact.co.uk) Open Championships and 9 brave Banstead TKD students entered themselves for the competition. Just the day before the event one student became ill and couldn’t travel down to the venue, so 8 keen students made their way to Brighton not realising just how incredible the day was going to turn out to be.


The competitors who stepped up to the plate to test their TaeKwon-Do and put it on the line were:

  • Sam (juniors)
  • Sabrina (juniors)  - sadly became ill and couldn’t attend
  • Adam (juniors)
  • Jacob (juniors)
  • Josh (juniors)
  • Zohair (juniors)
  • Andy (seniors)
  • Katie (seniors)
  • Ricardo (seniors)

I was unable to attend the day myself as I needed to remain at home to care for my wife. Therefore, I was so pleased to be made to feel part of the day by parents and students sending me photo after photo of students with medals and generally keeping me updated on everyone’s progress. Above all the success of medals, it was great to hear and see how well Banstead TKD grouped together, showed CIPSI, and acted like a team – Well Done to You All.

As an Instructor and a parent I feel very protective over all the Banstead TKD students and going off to a competition is a big thing and you all did a great job simply by entering and taking part – that should give confidence to you anyway, but seeing the amazing results we achieved should now help you realise that you are all very good at TaeKwon-Do and that we have a great level of ability in our classes.


Results in the order I received them (medals in duplicated events are for different categories):

  1. Jacob – Gold Special Technique
  2. Josh – Gold Special Technique
  3. Adam – Bronze Special Technique
  4. Adam – Gold Sparring
  5. Josh – Bronze Patterns
  6. Zohair – Bronze Sparring (and 4th special technique)
  7. Sam – Bronze Special Technique
  8. Katie – Gold Red Belt Sparring
  9. Ricardo – Silver Green Belt Power
  10. Andy – Gold Red Belt Patterns
  11. Ricardo – Silver Green Belt Patterns
  12. Andy – Bronze Red Belt Power

So that’s 12 medals from 8 competitors! Excellent work Girl and Guys.

Club Competition Leader Board

That all goes towards the Medal Tally for the year for you, remember: 1 Point for entering, 1 point for bronze, 2 points for silver and 3 points for gold.

So club tally points awarded for this competition:

  • Sam (juniors) – entry + bronze = 2 points
  • Sabrina (juniors) –  entry = 1 point
  • Adam (juniors) – entry + bronze + gold = 5 points
  • Jacob (juniors) – entry + gold = 4 points
  • Josh (juniors) – entry + bronze + gold = 5 points
  • Zohair (juniors) – entry + bronze = 2 points
  • Andy (seniors) – entry + bronze + gold = 5 points
  • Katie (seniors) – entry + gold = 4 points
  • Ricardo (seniors) – entry + 2 x silver = 5 points

Off the top of my head that makes Adam at the top of the competition leader board with 17  points I think. I will try to get all this officially online before the end of the year.

Photographs from the day

If anyone has any other photos or videos from the day please let me know and I’ll add them to the album.

Final Thoughts

Extremely well done to everyone that entered, you should be very proud of yourselves. We achieved medals in all areas of competition, Special Technique, Patterns, Power and Sparring so very well done to you all. On to the next one!

James Davis IV

03 December 2013 ~ 0 Comments

TKD UK Open in Guildford

TKD UK Open in Guildford

The UK TaeKwon-Do Open is a two day event hosted by www.tkdcompetitions.co.uk and the 2013 competition was held over the weekend of November 9th and 10th with Blackbelts in the Saturday and Colours belts on the Sunday.

This year was the first year that Banstead TKD students took part, two students were brave enough to step up to the plate and put their skills to the test.

Mr Robert Sullivan has recently joined Banstead TKD having moved to the area from Ireland were he graded up to 2nd Degree Blackbelt. He wanted to get straight back in to competition and entered himself for the tournament. While his patterns were maybe a little rusty his sparring is of an excellent standard, proven by winning the Silver medal in the -71kg Blackbelt category:


Extremely well done to Mr Sullivan for this excellent result and it just goes to show the first class training he has had in Ireland.

Our other entry was from Darcy from our Junior colour belts, she’s extremely brave entering herself for the competition and shows excellent courage to take part. Darcy took part in all events on the day and is very pleased with herself for taking part and being the only other person from Banstead TKD to take part. I am very proud of Darcy for getting involved and representing Banstead TKD on the day. She can take away a lot of new experience from this and use it for her next tournament early in 2014 I hope.


Well done to Mr Sullivan and Darcy for getting involved with the TKD UK Open 2013 and I am sure they’ll do very well in 2014.


To find out more about next years competitions run by the same organisation please visit www.tkdcompetitions.co.uk

James Davis IV