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August 12th, 2009

Instructors for Banstead TaeKwon-Do

James Davis (3rd Degree)

Instructor: James Davis

Instructor: James Davis

Hi, I am James Davis, your TaeKwon-Do coach at Banstead TKD. I am currently a 3rd Degree (3rd Dan) Black Belt in ITF TaeKwon-Do and started training in TaeKwon-Do in Scotland (where I lived for 11 years) way back in 1995 and started teaching after I achieved my 1st Degree (1st Dan) in 1998. 

My TaeKwon-Do training started with Stuart Mulligan during my early years at Dundee University then I was moved on to a more experienced instructor, Mr David McNairn (then a 4th Degree and now a 6th Degree) whose TaeKwon-Do school is in Montrose, the David McNairn Blackbelt Academy. It was with Mr McNairn that I stayed for years and graded up to 1st Degree Black belt in 1998. It was an excellent time to be training at Montrose, there were some excellent students and as well as learning a lot of TKD and self defence skills I made some great friends too. One good friend is now a successful full time TaeKwon-Do Instructor, Mark Boydell (4th Degree).

I then started teaching as the assistant to Mark Davies (now 5th Degree) in Arbroath (a little further south down the east coast of Scotland) and taught classes in Dundee and Arbroath. Mr Davies gave me some excellent teaching & motivational skills and my first experience of teaching the Little Ninjas programme (by Melody Shuman) for young children and then the ITF TaeKwond-Do syllabus for older children and adults. Mark Davies now has his own full time Martial Arts Academy in Arbroath, Scotland.

I moved to London in 2005 and shortly after started training with Mr Russell Dennis (6th Degree) and Mr Steven Elliot (4th Degree). Since being back in London I have successfully trained for and passed my 2nd Degree and 3rd Degree Black Belt gradings, attended instructors courses with the Worlds highest ranked Masters and passed my Instructors certificate with TaeKwon-Do Impact.

The goals I have for my TaeKwon-Do students are simple: I want people to understand that with focussed hard work they can overcome almost any difficulty; I want people to have an excitement for life and for trying new things; I want people to choose activity rather than inactivity and to look back on their time with fondness and proud achievement; I want people to be courteous to others and to generate lasting friendships.

My TKD classes are tough but extremely rewarding with a focus on body conditioning and movement mastery. Practical applications of TaeKwon-Do power and adaptability are high on my agenda.

Your Grading Examiners and Senior Instructors

Mr Russell Dennis (6th Degree) and Mr Steven Elliot (4th Degree) 




Mr Russell Dennis 6th Degree

Mr Russell Dennis 6th Degree





Mr Russell Dennis is currently a 6th Degree ITF Blackbelt, experienced instructor and examiner who has TaeKwon-Do schools throughout Surrey (Cheam, Sutton, Epsom, Dorking) and a long loyal following of students. Mr Dennis is the grading examiner for the Banstead TKD school and also has a full time Martial Arts gym in Redhill, Surrey.

Mr Steven Elliot is currently a 4th Degree ITF Blackbelt and is an experienced competitor.

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