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Competition from Feb 28th 2015

March 2nd, 2015 Comments off

After a long afternoon I am very proud of my 3 students who took part in the comp today. Two are my own and one I’ve known since the day she was born and all have done TKD since 4 years old; so it was wonderful to see such determined performances and good courteous behaviour from each of them.

Ethan, in his first competition was amazing. He won silver in tots sparring and bronze in jumping kicks. I’m a very proud Dad.
Edie at green belt performed the best patterns and sparring she’s ever done. A bronze in patterns only being defeated by the winner (IMO she actually won this contest with much better technique but was judged otherwise). She won 3 bouts of sparring to come 4th and sparred the best she ever has done.
I’m a very proud Dad.

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Competition from October 2014

March 2nd, 2015 Comments off

A late post I know, and I will endeavor to keep the site more up to date, however, twitter and the FB page are usually the places to go to find the most current info.

Anyway here is Jack winning some 1st places from October:


TKD Impact League 2014

March 10th, 2014 Comments off

Another awesome day had by Banstead TKD students.

The 2014 TKD Impact Competition League kicked off with the Under 13’s Yellows and Greens tournament held at the Impact Academy in Croydon on Saturday March 1st.

Out of all the possible Juniors who are members at Banstead TaeKwon-Do we had 8 brave competitors who decided it was a good idea to put their skills to the test against other TKD schools. And that is half the battle, just entering – well done to all of your for having the initial courage to enter the tournament.

Our 8 warriors on the day were:

  • Edie (yellow)
  • Georgia (Green)
  • James (Yellow)
  • Aidan (Yellow)
  • Darcey (Green)
  • Jono (Green)
  • Josh (Green)
  • Adam (Green)

… and each person has earned the club valuable points in the league standings just by entering, soooooo, the more we enter the more points we get. More on that in a bit.


Usually Banstead do extremely well in the patterns divisions but this time we did not achieve any 1st, 2nd, or 3rd placings. However, we did have a couple of round wins which was good to see and a positive start to the day. I video’d what I could, in between judging and being an official, and I could see that while our patterns had a lot of power and strong commitment there were some movement mistakes that stood out – iron those out and we’ll have winners across the board :)

Simply, from judging perspective if someone makes an actual mistake in a pattern then that gives your opponent more favour.

So, all in all, even though we didn’t get any placings I was very pleased to see the patterns being attacked with lots of good attitude and commitment. All the good things for developing decent power in your movements.


The sparring rounds were great, we had a lot of round wins all gaining more points for the club. It felt as though we were winning every round we went in to. We did lose some however but we came away with some good 1, 2’s and 3’s and lots of 4th placings too. I was especially pleased with peoples commitment to sparring, you all entered your bouts with courtesy and commitment. An excellent showing of the tenets of TKD from Banstead TKD students.

Sparring results:

Edie – 1st place Yellow Belts Tots
Adam – 1st place Green Belts Tall

Special Technique

I missed a lot of the special technique so I have no photos or video but we have some good results. It is not an activity that we practice a lot in class so I am very pleased with people’s performances.

  • Edie 2nd place yellow tots
  • Josh 1st place green medium
  • Darcey 2nd place green high
  • Adam 1st place green tall


The Impact League Points System

Master Nardizzi has worked out a points system that encourages participants on all levels and gives a benefit to the club as a whole enhancing the team feeling.

The club gets points for each of the following:

  • 1 point for entering
  • 1 point for ever round win
  • 1 point for a 3rd place
  • 2 points for a 2nd place
  • 3 points for a win

So, the more rounds you win in a division the more points you get.

After one tournament we are in 3rd place with 50 points, not bad at all from a relatively small club like Banstead.

The Banstead Competitor Table 2014

So, while the 2013 table is still being calculation I can say that the new table looks like this:
(1 for entering, 1 for bronze, 2 for silver, 3 for gold)

  • Adam = 7 points
  • Edie = 6 points
  • Josh = 4 points
  • Darcey = 3 points
  •  Georgia, James, Aidan, Jono all on 1 point

Well done guys.


I would like to say how proud I felt on that day, and after, for the way that all Banstead TKD students performed and behaved on the day. Well done to all competitors, way to REPRESENT!


James Davis
IV Degree

TKD Impact Open Championships

December 9th, 2013 Comments off

5 Golds + 2 Silvers + 5 Bronze = awesomeness

What a fantastic weekend of competition ITF TaeKwon-Do for Banstead TKD students!

Saturday December 7th 2013 was the TaeKwon-Do Impact ( Open Championships and 9 brave Banstead TKD students entered themselves for the competition. Just the day before the event one student became ill and couldn’t travel down to the venue, so 8 keen students made their way to Brighton not realising just how incredible the day was going to turn out to be.


The competitors who stepped up to the plate to test their TaeKwon-Do and put it on the line were:

  • Sam (juniors)
  • Sabrina (juniors)  – sadly became ill and couldn’t attend
  • Adam (juniors)
  • Jacob (juniors)
  • Josh (juniors)
  • Zohair (juniors)
  • Andy (seniors)
  • Katie (seniors)
  • Ricardo (seniors)

I was unable to attend the day myself as I needed to remain at home to care for my wife. Therefore, I was so pleased to be made to feel part of the day by parents and students sending me photo after photo of students with medals and generally keeping me updated on everyone’s progress. Above all the success of medals, it was great to hear and see how well Banstead TKD grouped together, showed CIPSI, and acted like a team – Well Done to You All.

As an Instructor and a parent I feel very protective over all the Banstead TKD students and going off to a competition is a big thing and you all did a great job simply by entering and taking part – that should give confidence to you anyway, but seeing the amazing results we achieved should now help you realise that you are all very good at TaeKwon-Do and that we have a great level of ability in our classes.


Results in the order I received them (medals in duplicated events are for different categories):

  1. Jacob – Gold Special Technique
  2. Josh – Gold Special Technique
  3. Adam – Bronze Special Technique
  4. Adam – Gold Sparring
  5. Josh – Bronze Patterns
  6. Zohair – Bronze Sparring (and 4th special technique)
  7. Sam – Bronze Special Technique
  8. Katie – Gold Red Belt Sparring
  9. Ricardo – Silver Green Belt Power
  10. Andy – Gold Red Belt Patterns
  11. Ricardo – Silver Green Belt Patterns
  12. Andy – Bronze Red Belt Power

So that’s 12 medals from 8 competitors! Excellent work Girl and Guys.

Club Competition Leader Board

That all goes towards the Medal Tally for the year for you, remember: 1 Point for entering, 1 point for bronze, 2 points for silver and 3 points for gold.

So club tally points awarded for this competition:

  • Sam (juniors) – entry + bronze = 2 points
  • Sabrina (juniors) –  entry = 1 point
  • Adam (juniors) – entry + bronze + gold = 5 points
  • Jacob (juniors) – entry + gold = 4 points
  • Josh (juniors) – entry + bronze + gold = 5 points
  • Zohair (juniors) – entry + bronze = 2 points
  • Andy (seniors) – entry + bronze + gold = 5 points
  • Katie (seniors) – entry + gold = 4 points
  • Ricardo (seniors) – entry + 2 x silver = 5 points

Off the top of my head that makes Adam at the top of the competition leader board with 17  points I think. I will try to get all this officially online before the end of the year.

Photographs from the day

If anyone has any other photos or videos from the day please let me know and I’ll add them to the album.

Final Thoughts

Extremely well done to everyone that entered, you should be very proud of yourselves. We achieved medals in all areas of competition, Special Technique, Patterns, Power and Sparring so very well done to you all. On to the next one!

James Davis IV

TKD UK Open in Guildford

December 3rd, 2013 Comments off

The UK TaeKwon-Do Open is a two day event hosted by and the 2013 competition was held over the weekend of November 9th and 10th with Blackbelts in the Saturday and Colours belts on the Sunday.

This year was the first year that Banstead TKD students took part, two students were brave enough to step up to the plate and put their skills to the test.

Mr Robert Sullivan has recently joined Banstead TKD having moved to the area from Ireland were he graded up to 2nd Degree Blackbelt. He wanted to get straight back in to competition and entered himself for the tournament. While his patterns were maybe a little rusty his sparring is of an excellent standard, proven by winning the Silver medal in the -71kg Blackbelt category:


Extremely well done to Mr Sullivan for this excellent result and it just goes to show the first class training he has had in Ireland.

Our other entry was from Darcy from our Junior colour belts, she’s extremely brave entering herself for the competition and shows excellent courage to take part. Darcy took part in all events on the day and is very pleased with herself for taking part and being the only other person from Banstead TKD to take part. I am very proud of Darcy for getting involved and representing Banstead TKD on the day. She can take away a lot of new experience from this and use it for her next tournament early in 2014 I hope.


Well done to Mr Sullivan and Darcy for getting involved with the TKD UK Open 2013 and I am sure they’ll do very well in 2014.


To find out more about next years competitions run by the same organisation please visit

James Davis IV

Competition: TKD Impact Colourbelt Championships

September 23rd, 2013 Comments off

Extremely well done to Aaron, Rod, Luke, Liam, Harry, Adam, Jacob and Josh who all entered the TaeKwon-Do Impact Colourbelt Championships 2013 and made the early morning trip down to Brighton to test their skills against some unsuspecting TKD students.

It’s always good when people want to enter a tournament because I am very happy with the overall standard of the TKD at Banstead and it’s rewarding to see people’s hard work recognised with high placings or even Gold, Silver and Bronze hardware.

We had some excellent results from this competition and here they are:

  • Adam – Gold Special Technique
  • Adam – Bronze Sparring
  • Liam – Bronze Patterns
  • Liam – Gold Sparring
  • Harry – Silver Sparring
  • Luke – Gold Patterns
  • Rod – Silver Patterns
  • Aaron – Bronze Patterns
  • Luke – Bronze Sparring
  • Rod – Silver Sparring

That’s 10 medals: 3 Golds, 3 Silvers, 4 Bronzes

That all goes towards the Medal Tally for the year for you, remember: 1 Point for entering, 1 point for bronze, 2 points for silver and 3 points for gold. Off the top of my head that makes Adam at the top of the competition leader board with 12 points I think.

Well done to everyone that took part, you’re all excellent examples of Banstead TaeKwon-Do.

Here’s a video from Josey:

Here’s Rod sparring:

And some photos from the day:


TKD Competition Report

April 9th, 2013 Comments off

*Jens just missed the photo

Excitement. Nerves. Butterflies?

Well, I am sure they were all present in the Banstead TaeKwon-Do under 13’s Yellow and Green Team that took part in the TKD Impact League competition on Saturday March 9th.

For most of the 10 Banstead junior TKD students that took part this was their first competition and they all took to it so well and I was so pleased with the effort that everyone put in. All the hardwork at training in class, especially in sparring recently, looked like it really paid off and we certainly took some points away and medals away from other teams who hadn’t expected such quality.

The 10 brave Banstead Competitors were:

  • Edie
  • Georgia
  • James
  • Ben
  • Tom
  • Mikey
  • William
  • Jacob
  • Adam
  • Jens
  • we also had Lewis from Epsom

Edie was first up I think with her yellow belt patterns, she chose Chon-Ji and performed it very well with good stances. Sadly the judges voted for the opponent who performed a higher pattern. Judges decision is final, :). Edie was also first of the team to spar, this being her first competition me, Dad, being the coach too – there was no pressure at all. Edie did very well and certainly got a few good turning kick points and one to the head too. However, the judges again voted for the opponent. But Edie came away with a big smile and sense of achievement.

Next up was Georgia: she had an extremely difficult first round of sparring, against the girl who won that division I think. She was a green belt, older heavier and taller. However, Georgia did a great job of fending off the continuing attacks, she used her side kick very well and kept the opponent away several times. However, judges awarded the bout the other way due to some clear points for punches to the head guard.


James, also in the same division as Georgia, had an excellent sparring experience. He really took his best sparring game and won 2 rounds clear and simple. Well done to James.

Jens did a great job in patterns but sadly the decision went the other way (sometimes patterns decisions can be so close and come down to something as small as a minor hesitation). However, when it came to sparring Jens really came in to his own and proved how tough he is overwhelming green belts which is skills and persistence.

Next up were three sets of brothers:

William and Mikey: William did an excellent job in sparring and special technique, getting a Bronze in Sparring and Silver in Special Technique. Well Done William, and well done Mikey for doing well in patterns and being part of the team.

Tom and Ben: Both Tom and Ben are full of energy. Ben is great at sparring and enjoys his patterns, he won a good couple of rounds in his sparring division really convincingly. Tom did great in sparring, working hard all the way through the final and coming away with a Silver and then a Silver in special Technique. Excellent.

Adam and Jacob: another two wonderful set of brothers who really enjoy training. Jacob took part in patterns and got through a couple of rounds, well done. Adam was brilliant in sparring, completely overwhelming his opponents and going to a convincing win and Gold medal and then a Gold in special technique too.

All in all an excellent job by the Banstead TKD Junior Team.

It Gets Better…

More impressive than winning medals and taking part and being part of the team was the Team Spirit than Banstead TKD students showed throughout the very long afternoon. All the competitors gathered round each other to offer support and encouragement through the highs and lows of the tournament – you’ll see by looking through the photo album, to follow, just what I mean.

There was a definite sense of Banstead TaeKwon-Do being at the tournament and that in itself was impressive, so I’d like to thank all competitors who took part and all parents who sacrificed almost all of Saturday afternoon and evening.

Banstead Rule!


James Davis

Competition Success at TKD Impact League Tournament

October 30th, 2012 Comments off


TKD Impact, our governing body, in 2012 started a league tournament for it’s members. Throughout the year several competitions were held and Saturday October 20th was the final one for this year. This competition was for yellow belts and higher and for 13 – 17 year old’s and then 18 years plus, it was also very local being held at Master Nardizzi’s full time centre in Croydon, The Impact Academy. Banstead TKD managed to enter 7 students, two in the teenagers category and five for the older people.

I am sure the usual nerves, anticipation and excitement were in full force with the Banstead students but these feelings were well hidden as they concentrated on training hard pre-competition and appearing fully focused on competition day. There’s a great community spirit at Banstead TaeKwon-Do and this was clearly evident at the competition: we had crowd support from club members who weren’t competing, and all our competitors rallied round for each other when needed. Each student was there for each other, as well as there for the prizes.

So, straight down to the money: from 7 entries Banstead TKD came home with 14 Medals:

Following some other instructors I know I have decided to implement a Points System for student’s competition results, it will work like this:

  • 1 point for taking part
  • 1 for a bronze
  • 2 for a silver
  • 3 for a gold

Points will be back dated to include competition results from earlier this year, but not before. The end of each year I’ll give a prize to the top 3 competitors (i.e those with the highest numbers of points) from Banstead TaeKwon-Do.

Everybody performed well and I’m very proud to have you as my students, you are showing excellent progress in TaeKwon-Do. Keep it up!

Photos: Here are some from the day, if you have any others please let me have them


Videos: I have several videos to edit, if you have any more please send them my way.


James Davis

Banstead TaeKwon-Do

Report: TKD Impact Open Competition Brighton July 8th

August 7th, 2012 Comments off

On July 8th 3 adult students from Banstead TaeKwon-Do traveled down to Brighton to take part in the 2012 TaeKwon-Do Impact Open Championships.

Congratulations to Aaron Duvigneau, Bruno Manso and Stuart Lightfoot who took part in Patterns, Sparring and Power Test.  All our competitors represent Banstead TKD and the Martial Art very well.

The competition was tough, so I hear, and our team were far outnumbered by the other clubs who have large numbers of students and spectator support and our results were a little lower than the team expected. However, each member has learnt from the experience and understands what needs to improve in all areas of their TaeKwon-Do to raise the level of competition success.

Team Captain and most senior grade for the day, Aaron (a previous gold medal winner), looked after Bruno and Stuart at their first TaeKwon-Do competition and took charge of photos and videos.

A special mention is due to Stuart Lightfoot who took a Bronze Medal in the Yellow Belt sparring, Well Done. It turns out that around that time Stuart was coming down with an illness that meant he is still away from training at the moment – he would have smelled GOLD having been fully fit I am sure. :)

Well Done Guys and an Excellent Effort by all – Thank you for going and representing the club!


Extreme TKD Junior Competition March 25th

May 15th, 2012 Comments off

Here’s a round up from the competition for Juniors from all of Master Dennis’ group of TaeKwon-Do schools under the Extreme TKD banner.

This competition was organised by Master Dennis to give all junior students another opportunity to gain some competition experience prior to bigger tournaments later in the year. The event took place at The Extreme Fighters Gym, Master Dennis’ full time permanent facility.

I was very pleased with so many students from Banstead TaeKwon-Do taking part in the competition, everyone who took part should be very proud – it is very hard to do, and you all did great.

All these students deserve a BIG MENTION for being the Banstead TKD team on the day:

  • Aaron
  • Anais
  • Joe
  • Katie
  • Ben
  • William
  • Sam
  • Sabrina
  • Riaa
  • James
  • Kate

The competition consisted of the usual 3 disciplines, Patterns, Sparring and Special Technique.

The results from Banstead TKD are:

Yellow Belt Patterns: Gold = Joe, Silver = Sabrina, Bronze = William

Yellow Belt Sparring (different height categories): Gold = Joe, Bronze = William; Silver = Sabrina, Bronze = Ben

Green Belt Patterns: Gold = Katie, Silver = James, Bronze = Kate

Green Belt Sparring: Silver = Katie, Bronze = Kate

High Green Belt Sparring: Gold = Aaron, Silver = Anais

Jumping Side Kick: Gold = Joe

So that’s a whopping 15 medals taken home by Banstead TKD students – well done to you all!

Here’s the photos from the day (if you have any more or videos please let me know)

Closing Note

TaeKwon-Do is much more than competitions, it’s a Martial Art with many facets the primary being an Art of Self Defence. However, here’s looking forward to the next competition for those that want to take part!



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