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Impact Day 2013

November 29th, 2013 Comments off

Each Year our governing body, TaeKwon-Do Impact (, hosts a full day of TaeKwon-Do training taught by the Masters in our organisation and other highly experienced instructors. Master Nardizzi (8th Degree), Master Anderson (7th Degree) and Master R. Dennis (7th Degree) are the Impact Masters and each ran seminars throughout the day. Impact Day 2013 too place on Sunday November 3rd at the Impact Academy in Croydon. The academy is a full time TaeKwon-Do gym and an excellent location for the event, and once again I had the honour of demonstrating many techniques with Master Nardizzi.

This year only 2 representatives from Banstead TaeKwon-Do were able to attend, myself and Robert Sullivan (2nd Degree) who has recent joined us, coming from Shannon TaeKwon-Do over in Ireland. After our initial welcome and a good warm up led by Master Dennis we were split in to groups depending on our experience and headed towards the first series of seminars for the day, Patterns.

I was treated to almost 1-2-1 instruction through my 4th Degree patterns by Master Nardizzi and I certainly gained some important training methods and technique adjustments to improve power and efficiency. Robert was under the instruction of Master Anderson and got the chance to revise his 2nd Degree patterns.

Master Nardizzi also ran the sparring seminar which covered some skillful footwork evasion applications and counter-attack drills – a perfect revision for Robert and his re-entry in to competition the following weekend.

Master Dennis ran a well received seminar covering necessary skills on avoiding being taken to the ground. In self defence situations I am certain that the “reality based” self defence experts agree that being on the ground on hard, uneven floors, with multiple attackers, is a bad place to be. Using his extensive experience of grappling Master Dennis covered essential basics in the time allowed.

Master Anderson covered some applications of TaeKwon-Do techniques in not-so-familiar scenarios, such as being seated on a bus. This proved to be a fun seminar giving all students the opportunity to be inventive and imaginative with the skills and techniques they use in the Dojang.


Overall this Impact Day was one of the most enjoyable and useful ones I have attended and I fully recommend that all eligible students should attend in 2014.

As an instructor and a student of TaeKwon-Do I believe that was can always learn new skills, develop existing skills and learn to better apply skills as long as we keep training and being active in events like these.

Thank you to Master Nardizzi, Master Anderson and Master Dennis for running an excellent day of TaeKwon-Do, pretty much on our doorstep.


James Davis
4th Degree 

TKD Impact Day 2011

November 10th, 2011 Comments off

October 30th, 2011 – IMPACT DAY 2011

Me, Matt, Katie and Josey travelled through to Croydon to spend the day being taught by Master Nardizzi (8th Degree), Master Anderson (7th Degree) and Master R. Dennis (7th Degree) at Impact Day 2011.

Our association is TaeKwon-Do Impact, founded by Master Nardizzi, and every year a training day is organised where instructors and students from different parts of the country get together to be taught by our Masters. It’s a wonderful opportunity to meet people from other clubs, gauge your standard against others, learn sparring techniques, improve your patterns and get inspired by senior graded teachers and students, and of course to be taught by the Impact Masters.

Banstead TaeKwon-Do represented well with 4 of us attended and performing well – it was good to see. We experienced different styles of warming up, patterns, a self-defence/protection seminar, power techniques, defences against stick and knife attacks, bio-mechanic improvements, competition training and (my favourite) Traditional Sparring.

The Impact Academy

TKD Impact Day 2011

The location this year was the new Impact Academy in Croydon, a full time facility run by Master Nardizzi, which has a fully matted area and everything else necessary for a complete Martial Arts gym. I hope that there are plenty of TaeKwon-Do events for us to attend at the Impact Academy.
TKD Impact Day 2011

TKD Impact Day 2011

Well done and thank you to Matt, Josey and Katie for making the effort to attend and have the chance to learn from our Masters.

Finally, we had an excellent day and with the chance to ask Master Nardizzi some tricky questions at the end I am 100% sure that we’ve all learnt some important TaeKwon-Do to take our training further and improve our skills.

Thank you to TaeKwon-Do Impact for organising the event. We’re looking forward to the next one.

– James Davis,

Impact Day 2011 – Train with our Masters!

October 3rd, 2011 Comments off

TaeKwon-Do Impact

Sunday October 30th is Impact Day 2011.

There are 6 hours of seminars taught by the ITF TKD Impact Masters and you could be there progressing your TaeKwon-Do to the fullest, meeting the Masters, seeing old friends and making new ones.

You will be taught by:

  • Master D. Nardizzi, 8th Degree
  • Master K. Anderson, 7th Degree
  • Master R. Dennis, 6th Degree
  • There will be other high graded ITF Instructors also

The seminars available will be well worth it, some will run simultaneously so you’ll not be able to attend them all but you can choose from:

  • Patterns
  • Street Defence
  • Special Technique
  • Power
  • Weapons Defence
  • Training for Competition
  • Pre-arranged Sparring
  • Bio Mechanics for TKD
Seminars include: Patterns, Street Defence, Special Technique, Power, Weapons Defence, Training for
Competition, Pre-arranged Sparring, Bio Mechanics for TKD.

These days are always great fun and an opportunity to learn a great deal which you can apply to your training through the coming year. I can’t wait to attend.

Also, Master Nardizzi has recently opened a full time training Dojang in Croydon, called Impact Academy and this is where Impact Day 2011 will be held.

You HAVE to attend this event, it’s going to be brilliant.

INVITE: Here is the invitation, print out, complete and return to me asap

TaeKwon-Do Impact Day 2009

October 14th, 2009 Comments off

TaeKwon-Do ImpactBanstead TaeKwon-Do rocked up at Impact Day on October 10th down in Crawley and had a great day. Actually it was just me that went from Banstead TKD because Impact Day is a Blue belt and above event. 

Impact Day is an annual event held by our governing body TaeKwon-Do Impact and is a chance for students and instructors to be taught by some of the most senior, experienced and talented TaeKwon-Do instructors in the country.

Impact Day usually provides students with a choice of activities and lasts pretty much all day, apart from a training event it is also a great chance to meet new people and also catch up with friends from around the area.

After a 20 minute warmup led by Master Nardizzi, from many activities available I chose to do: Ground fighting; Stand Up Sparring; Self defence applications; Kicking combinations; Black belt patterns; and Dealing with Conflicts.

The Ground Fighting section was led by Master Anderson (7th Degree) and then by Mr Dennis (6th Degree) and incorporated various situations where your legs might not be readily available, such as kneeling down, sitting on a bus / train or relaxing on a park bench. Then Mr Dennis covered how to defend after being knocked or pushed to the ground. All great stuff.

Stand up sparring was covered by Mr Roman Chirtoca and I learnt some important aspects to apply when meeting new opponents and some great drills and routines to pass on to the class.

Self Defence Applications for Black belts was held by Master Nardizzi (8th Degree) and covered applying the principles of TaeKwon-Do to some situations that may present themselves if you where ever confronted outside of a TKD environment. TKD Sparring is focussing on competing against another TKD practitioner whereas applied TKD should focus in a different way.

Lunch was time to relax and chat with friends from other clubs and a chance to refuel before the afternoon sessions kicked in.

Kicking combinations was taken by Mr Roman Chirtoca and we covered combinations that are required in a grading situation from the low colour belt grades up to Black belt. The main focus here was balance, speed and accuracy.

The next session was Black belt patterns taken by Master Nardizzi and this was a great chance to learn just how much there is to learn and improve on in all technical aspects of TaeKwon-Do. I certainly learnt some very important improvements to my techniques.

The final session for the day, Dealing With Conflicts, was shared between Master Nardizzi and Mr Dennis. Some interesting ways to look a conflict of interests between two people and some useful drills to become more used to experience conflicts.

All in all an excellent day was had by all and I look forward to next year, when I plan to at least be healthy enough to put 100% in to the day.

– James.